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June 23, 2011


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I think the comparison between him and Beckett is dead accurate.


After two days to read this, I have to ask. What happened with Stella? She┬┤s alive?
She's clinically dead! Holy shit!
Just joking. Great great interview! ;)


Fantastic interview. Thank you.


One of the best interviews yet and I'm not even a major Interpol fan. Only got 3 songs on my ipod.


So, has been Paul Banks just mind-fucking us all this time? I knew it! I guess interviews can't get better than this. Fantastic interview for an out-of-this-world songwriter. Thanks for sharing this!

Ana C.

I'm almost 100% sure that he uses his own personal and intimate life experiences in the lyrics he writes especially when it comes to relationships because you have to admit he gets the dynamic of couples like no one else. They didn't mentioned in the interview though.


excellent, congrats on that ... and he seems like a great person to interview, very open, but you definitely found great buttons on him ;) ... thanks by the way, i really enjoyed reading it, great work and Thanks to PaulB also.

Elena Kappa

At last, an interview to read! Paul Banks has never been more interesting and open before. Kudos to both of you!

Benjamin Opipari

Thanks to everyone for all of these wonderful comments. I'm glad everyone liked it so much.



This is a very entertaining and satisfying interview. I wonder if he ever heard any of Jim Morrison's lyrics and if he did, I wonder what he thinks about him or The Doors.


Just stumbled on this blog. Amazing interview.

Byron D.

Paul's lyrics express a sense of pain and vulnerability that overwhelm me. This isn't the case in every song, but in some songs it feels like Paul has been hurt by someone that he was strongly attached to. None of his lyrics are fickle or trivial. I'm just so thankful that he's willing to be honest in his songs, because men are never permitted to be honest. We're almost always rejected when we're honest and we have to keep everything on the inside. When I'm listening to Interpol it's like I have an outlet for my soul - Daniel Kessler sounds like my soul and Paul speaks for my soul.

Carlos Fox

Ben the way it has been guided this interview it's totally harmonic and pleasant ; Thanks for offering us a different perspective and more human side of the artist.

Greets from Mexico


He's so humble and aware. There's no other man I would love to sit down and talk to other than Paul. Great interview, his theories are so intellectually stimulating. I would definitely read his book if he ever gets to write it.

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