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October 07, 2010


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Patty Blount

Great post! I really like the "hot mistakes" visual here. It is so seductive, to read what you just wrote, tweak it, read it again, tweak it, read... GAH! Sadly, computers make it far too easy to get stuck in that time suck, while writing in long-hand forces you to keep going.

Sadly, after twelve years of Catholic school, my handwriting is worse than any doctor's you've ever seen.

Elisabeth Black

"So on the weekend, I'll take a bus to that coffee shop and write there."

It's all fun and games until you forget your earbuds.

Seriously, good post.

Ann Marie

I quit whining about longhand vs. typing after counting words and timing myself--the limiting factor is not the technology. That also helped me quit the search for the perfect time/place/era in life. Like you say, am I going to tell my kids I always wanted to write, or are they going to see me writing?

Sean Ferrell's fan club-Sans Pantalones chapter

All I can say is, Sean's handwriting evokes images of Sumerian clay tablets.

Of course, Sean's novels are much more interesting than the ones in Sumerian.

Benjamin Opipari

Re Sean's handwriting above--he actually mentioned that his handwriting looked more like Sanskrit, but I don't think that made the interview :)



This was a lovely interview. Thank you, all around.

Patty Blount

OK, who is "Sean Ferrell's Fan Club - Sands Pantalones chapter" and how do I sign up?

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