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July 29, 2010


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Linda Opipari

Great interview, Ben.


I'm inspired to get to it. Dedicate and spend the time and energy. Thanks for the interview and the insight into your process and such.

Robert B. Livingston

People who don't know Jack Tempchin's work beyond Peaceful Easy Feeling are in for a big treat: his work is consistently excellent-- and I would say he is an excellent performer too. I often prefer his own versions of songs he has written.

For years I was crazy about his early Funky Kings LP which I loaned and lost several times-- people wouldn't give it back. The Kerouc influence shows: favorite songs of mine are Singing In The Streets and Mattress on the Roof. The Funky Kings LP is one I have always thought of as a "perfect album": every track is wonderful with songs you can listen to often without getting tired of them.

The internet helped me catch up with his later work-- all great. Songs like Streets of LA (Nice film on YouTube), Big Sky Country, Better World are quite beautiful.

Jack is a great and original humorist too. I love his essays The Big Question and The Same Old Thing. You can find them at his website.

His originality and creativity is humbling-- and inspiring!

In the world of ideas and in the amount of pleasure his music has given me-- I rate him as one of my most favorite persons in the world!

I wish he would get up to San Francisco so I might get a chance to hear him!

Carles Joseph

Hi Jack,
I think your idea is great.

Mike Golden

Jack, I was just sitting here playing some tunes from long ago, and thought about that time I was in San Diego one evening back in 1969 and heard this guy singing and playin guitar at a place I frequented called, "The Candy Company". He really caught my attention. I listened and said to my friend, "Never heard of this guy but he is pretty good, and he might be going places". Little did I know then that I would see that name on some very popular records just a few years later.

Just wanted to share that memory with you to let you know I was there, and that there are people like me who have appreciated your contribution to music for many years, and admire you as a talented artist. To this day I credit my many years of enjoying and playing guitar to the whole experience of that evening.

Thank you for that time.

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